Nvidia Starts GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GDC Countdown

/ 12 months ago

Nvidia GeForce GDC GTX 1080 Ti

Earlier in the month, we brought you news of Nvidia’s GDC GeForce celebration. Set to occur on the second day of GDC, the GeForce celebration has been billed as an evening for PC gaming and hardware as well as a few surprises. Now Nvidia has started a countdown page on the GeForce website coinciding with the GeForce celebration. There are even signs that we may see some kind of GTX 1080 Ti announcement as well.

From the countdown timer, we have about 6 days to go until the reveal. Digging deeper into the page, we can see mentions of GTX 1080 Ti in the video files of the teaser. This suggests that we will be getting some kind of announcement during the GDC GeForce celebration keynote. Nvidia has since removed the mentions to their unlaunched card.

Given today’s announcement for AMD’s Vega GPUs, it no surprise that Nvidia has decided to act as well. Earlier reports have indicated a March launch for the GP102 based card so an announcement in late February would make sense. Perhaps we will get the paper launch for the card and perhaps the Founders Edition at GDC with the custom models to arrive later in March.

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