Nvidia Tegra 4i (T4i) Devices Expected From Early Q2 or Late Q1

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Nvidia’s Tegra 4i SoCs should start to arrive from late Q1 or early Q2 according to Fudzilla’s sources. This means we should see Tegra 4i devices from late March or early April. Nvidia’s Tegra 4i will be competing in the mainstream LTE-capable market and is based on a slightly cut-down version of Tegra 4. Aside from Qualcomm’s SoCs other offerings in the mainstream LTE market are limited; MediaTek’s parts are still in development and a few months away. Nvidia is hoping Tegra 4i will be able to boost their revenues for 2014 but Tegra 4i has already been accused of being too late to the party, most critics seem to think the launch will pass by unnoticed.

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Nvidia’s Tegra K1 on the other hand looks to be more promising. Tegra K1 is also expected to start shipping in devices at some stage during Q2 of this year. Nvidia is going to need Tegra 4i and Tegra K1 to do well because Tegra revenue is down 37% mainly due to the fact Nvidia were so late to the party with Tegra 4.

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