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Nvidia to Re-Release 2060/2060 SUPER to Bolster Stock?

It’s not exactly a secret that since the Nvidia 30XX graphics cards initially made their debut late last year, actually getting hold of one (for a reasonable price) has so far proven to be about as rare as hen’s teeth. – It seems, however, that Nvidia may have something of a surprising potential solution for the overall current market GPU shortfall.

Following a report via TechPowerUp, sources reportedly close to Nvidia are saying that Team Green is preparing to begin manufacturing of their 2060 and 2060 SUPER graphics cards again!

Nvidia 2060 and 2060 SUPER

The decision is clearly something of a moderate surprise as one would’ve thought that Nvidia would have been far keener to push their new graphics cards rather than re-hashing older designs. It seems, however, that the combination of market shortages, consumer demand, and very likely a healthy remaining stock of their Turing architecture chipsets, may lead Team Green into once again giving both the 2060 and 2060 SUPER a fresh go on the market!

What Do We Think?

If Nvidia does restart production of the 2060 and 2060 SUPER graphics cards, then there will clearly be more than a little interest from budget-focused consumers looking for a solid GPU solution that won’t drain the bank balance. And, in that regard, the rumors do look positive. Suggestions have been made that the 2060 will be re-launched for a price in the region of £270 whereas the 2060 SUPER will be available for around £350. Basically, about 20-30% less expensive than they currently are and certainly notably less expensive than current 30XX models.

Will it happen though? Well, while I doubt Nvidia will make a huge song and dance about it as this would only highlight just how poor 30XX stock levels have been. For an inexpensive GPU option, however, these new 2060 GPUs could well prove to be an excellent option if those prices are indeed proven to be correct!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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