NVIDIA Working On GeForce GTX TITAN Black Edition And GeForce GTX 790 Graphic Cards

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NVIDIA is rumored to be prepping two new high-end graphic cards, and it a short time too. It is said that the new cards are to be released in about two months, meaning we are looking at a launch date somewhere around March or April. The two graphic cards are said to be the GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK and the GeForce GTX 790.

The GeForce GTX TITAN Black is rumored to be a GTX 780 Ti Black Edition, only that it will come with a black cooler while also having more double precision computing performance and implicitly more FP64 CUDA cores. The card is also rumored to have a 6 GB memory buffer, twice as much as the GTX 780 Ti. The rest of the specs are said to be similar to the GTX 780 Ti, having 2880 CUDA cores, 240 MTUs and 48 ROPs. The cost however is estimated to be a little over the GTX 780 Ti, having the GTX TITAN BLACK rumored at a $999 price tag.

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The first dual-GPU model of the 700 series is rumored to be the GeForce GTX 790, having the graphics card rumored not to have full GK110 cores, but instead it is said to be made up of two 2496 CUDA processors, summing them up to 4992 CUDA cores in total. The graphics card is also expected to work at a 300W TDP, where we will see lower clocks and component cuts. Having that said, we shouldn’t expect to see dual 384-bit interface and 2 x 6 GB memory on the card. Instead, it is rumored to have a two 5 GB memory configuration and two 320-bit interfaces. The price for this beast is rumored to be well over the $999 price tag, however a more exact number cannot be determined at this time.

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