Nvidia’s 28nm ‘Kepler’ due in March-April

/ 6 years ago

According to various sources Nvidia has stated that it does not want to do a ‘Paper Launch’ of its 28nm Kepler graphics card. It wants to avoid the ‘AMD tactic’ of launching a product before there is enough stock to get to manufacturers. Therefore, Nvidia will only launch Kepler when there is enough stock to provide consumers with, and this date is predicted (by Nvidia) to be between the end of March and start of April. Obviously, Nvidia will be aiming for the late march launch so it can undermine and take a bit of hype from the Ivy Bridge launch which is scheduled for April the 8th.

The company originally scheduled GeForce Kepler for the launch in the first quarter (i.e. fiscal fourth quarter 2012), Quadro Kepler was scheduled for the second quarter (i.e. fiscal first quarter 2013) and Tesla Kepler was scheduled for the third quarter (second fiscal quarter 2013). But the new schedule could see GeForce Kepler arriving in the second quarter, putting Nvidia slightly behind schedule.

Source: VR-Zone

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