Nvidia’s Flagship GTX 970 Photos & Specifications Leaked

/ 3 years ago


Just one week from the expected launch date and yet more details of Nvidia’s flagship GTX 970 GPU have leaked. The model displayed looks to be an engineering sample with a fairly standard looking cooler fitted. I suspect the cooler on the retail release will be similar to the one seen on cards such as the 780 Ti and Titan models.

The card features a short PCB, similar to that of the GTX 670, with the cooler extending off the back of the card. There are two six-pin power connectors and rumour has it that the cards power consumption will not exceed more than 190W.


The dual SLI bridges are still in place, so three or four-way SLI seems like a possibility. At the back of the card you’ll find a large exhaust, dual DVI, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort.

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The screenshots below are believed to contain the hardware specifications, but these are yet to be confirmed. GPU-Z shows 1664 stream processors, 138 Texture Unit. This contradicts previous rumours that the card would feature 2048 stream processors. The card also features 4GB of GDDR5 with a 256-bit bus @ 1814MHz and a GPU core speed of 1103-1230MHz.




We mention the GTX 970 as the flagship, as no concrete information on the GTX 980 have been released at the time of writing.

Thank you MyDrivers for providing us with this information.

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2 Responses to “Nvidia’s Flagship GTX 970 Photos & Specifications Leaked”
  1. perfectlyreasonabletoo says:

    Every GPU from the last few years will support DX12. There’s no new hardware requirements.

  2. Danpapua says:

    Then why does the cards that support Direct X 11 not support Direct X 11.1? Every time they change the number there is a change in how the API works and the developer of the video card has to make changes to support it. Windows 9 could support up to DX12 but if you have any current gen cards they will only support up to DX 11.1.

    Here is a conversation I had with a Nvidia rep:

    Sen: Hi, my name is Sen. How may I help you?
    Danpapua: I have a question about the 770 line pf graphics cards
    Sen: First of all, I appreciate your interest in NVIDIA line of products.
    Danpapua: I know the 770’s support the native DirectX 11 API but does the 770’s support the 11.1 and 11.2 updates?
    Sen: Give me 2 minutes please
    Danpapua: ok
    Sen: Please let me give you the specification link for GTX 770 :

    Please open that link and scroll down. You will find this information below…
    Sen: ” Microsoft DirectX 11.2 API : 11″
    Danpapua: I was reading it earlier and I felt it contradicted itself with that phrase.
    Sen: It supports DX 11. If you run it in DX 11.1 or 11.2 application, it will run that application in DX 11
    Danpapua: So it does not support the API updates and am I right in saying that this card will not support the upcoming Direct X 12 API
    Sen: You are right
    Danpapua: Thanks that answered my question

    Each API update changes how the card has to render even if it is minor a card that is set for a DX 11 API CANNOT support the 11.1 and 11.2 API updates. Therefore will not support the DX12 API.

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