Nvidia’s GTX 770M is a GTX 670MX? Nvidia Up To Rebranding Tricks Again

/ 5 years ago


A few days ago we saw Nvidia release part of its GT 700M series, with the highest model being the GT 750M. This leaves the higher end of the mobile GPU range left unaccounted for as of yet. However, ASUS’ upcoming notebook the “G750JX” has disclosed some details about the Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M, which is likely to be the fourth best mobile GPU from Nvidia.

ASUS did not disclose the full specifications, as obviously they have NDA agreements to respect, though that didn’t stop them disclosing some information about it. The GTX 770M will have a 192bit interface and 3GB of GDDR5 video memory, exactly the same as the GTX 670MX. Consequently, it is expected that the GTX 770M will be identical to the GTX 670MX, with a GK104 core and 960 CUDA cores, the only different will be slightly higher clock speeds which will lead to an incremental generational performance boost.

The way Nvidia is arranging it is so that the previous generation product slips down a place in the new series. Consequently the GTX 680MX slips down to the GTX 780M, the GTX 680M will probably slip down to the GTX 775MX, the GTX 675MX will probably become a GTX 775M and so on. The only differences we expect to see is perhaps a slight boost in clock speed, more new technologies like GPU boost 2.0 and the GeForce Experience, and possibly a better thermal footprint as the manufacturing process becomes more matured.

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Ultimately, if every card from the old series slips down the new series then we can only expect to see one card that is genuinely new which will be the GTX 780MX. Nothing has changed then, and it looks like Nvidia are up to the same old rebranding tricks they always use in their mobile GPU series. Although make no mistake, I am not bashing Nvidia specifically here as AMD do exactly the same thing.

What do you think about Nvidia’s product rebranding? Is the consumer losing out? Is it stifling innovation?


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4 Responses to “Nvidia’s GTX 770M is a GTX 670MX? Nvidia Up To Rebranding Tricks Again”
  1. Wayne says:

    nVidia & AMD have always done this. It’s moot.

  2. ashlie says:

    well if they do at least people’ll know to only go for the MX cards, as still if the 680 does become the 775MX it’ll probably come with a few hundred quid off so it’d still be a great deal.

  3. xxxpappxxxhu says:

    nVidiás laptopot szetetnék.

  4. Andrew says:

    They’re being forced to do this by laptop manufacturers, not a big deal,

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