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Nvidia’s Latest Shield TV Promotion Features a Cat Wearing a Parachute!

NVIDIA’s Shield Android TV is the ultimate streaming device to play 4K movies, and graphically intense PC games. Furthermore, the optional GeForce Now subscription offers 50 groundbreaking titles at a resolution up to 1080P while maintaining 60 frames-per-second. This is achieved via the superb networking infrastructure and currently costs £7.49 per month. Although, there is a free month trial to test the service and see how well the games run on your connection.

Today, NVIDIA announced that any Shield Android TV will come with the Shield Remote as standard. This is a saving of £39.99 and makes the experience much more friendly for a typical living room setup. To celebrate this promotion, NVIDIA decided to film the possibilities of the Shield TV, 10,000 feet in the air, or did they?

In the video, we can see a daredevil, sitting back and watching his favourite show. Clearly, this is the most exhilarating way to enjoy content, and I’m sure NVIDIA actively recommends this. Perhaps, a special edition model is in the works which comes with a fully functional C130? Skeptics out there might think the video was created via rendering. I personally agree, but the footage is certainly an interesting way to launch a product promotion.

“To celebrate, we set ourselves a death-defying* challenge to show how you #RuleTheLivingRoom in the face of chaos.  So we shot a living room out the back of a C-130 Hercules – the exact same plane that dropped five muscles cars from the sky in Furious 7.” said Nvidia.

The NVIDIA Android TV is now available with the remote for £149.99 and can be purchased here

John Williamson

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