NZXT Capsule Cardioid USB Microphone Review

There’s no shortage of great microphones on the market, so much so, that I’d say it’s a very tough market to dare to compete in. However, when you get down to very specific gaming-focused microphones, there are only a few major players on the market. Corsair has their Elgato series, Razer has their own, HyperX has a couple of good ones, and Blue is still going strong. Quite honestly, they’re all pretty great and offer similar price ranges and features. However, NZXT thinks they can offer some competition, and they’ll be doing it with their new Capsule microphone!

NZXT Capsule

While some of the other microphones on the market are designed to be complicated, NZXT is opting more for plug-and-play. That means no desktop software suites or mixing programs, so it’ll just rely on whatever capture software you’re using, or the Windows interface to change settings and feed audio through things like Audacity, Discord, games, etc. Clearly, that draws a line here for some customers, if you’re looking to do more complex stuff and want a big interface, perhaps something like the Elgato or a full custom setup is right for you. However, if you just want a quality microphone that’ll not baffle you with settings you don’t need, then read on, because NZXT has a few other nice things to offer.

“Create crystal clear audio with minimal background noise with the Capsule. Designed for single sound-source gaming and streaming use, the Capsule delivers high-resolution voice pickup while suppressing unwanted background noise, so the only fans you hear are the ones watching your stream.”

The specifications stack up nicely, offering a good frequency response, and a decent max SPL. What does stand out is the 24-bit/96kHz support, which pretty much all of its rivals lack. Also, as NZXT are keen to point out, it’s also the only one with a quick-release system, and I’m all for quality-of-life advantages!

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