NZXT H440 Razer Special Edition Chassis Review

/ 3 years ago

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Razer H440

NZXT have been delivering award-winning products time and time again in recent years. Their most recent marvel isn’t exactly new, but as far as a refresh goes, it’s a big one. The NZXT H440 is one of my all time favourite chassis, I even own one myself for my own rig! I’m a big fan of what NZXT have been doing for the gaming chassis market and I’ve been eagerly awaiting their next product ranges. Unfortunately, it’s likely we won’t see new chassis’ from them until Computex later this year, but for now, we have their stunning NZXT H440 Razer edition. This is the H440 you know and love, but it has been given a Razer makeover to appeal to the loyal Razer fans, of which there are many.

As you can see, the chassis is virtually unchanged in terms of dimensions, it’s the same chassis and that’s as simple as can be. What is new is that stealthy powder black paint job and dark side panel window tint.


The same matte finish on the right side panel.


The once blank front panel has been treated to the Razer logo, with the added bonus that it’s also LED backlit.


Razers’ fancy green USB 3.0 ports.


Still the same old H440 round here.


Another sneaky bonus, an LED strip lighting around the base of the chassis; can you guess what colour this is going to be? If you guessed green, go get yourself a cookie.


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