NZXT H9 Case Review

NZXT is one of the biggest and best in the business when it comes to high-end PC gaming cases. They’ve always had something that PC gamers can’t get enough of. Even going back 10 years ago, when it was all about the stunning Phantom series, however, their modern H-series cases continue to go from strength to strength. The new cases expand on the range, with the H1 being the smallest, H5 being a mid-tower, and H7 being the slightly larger mid-tower/full-tower design. The H9 is the biggest and most capable of the bunch, and with modern hardware getting bigger than ever, these bigger cases are growing in popularity too.


The H9 series features a dual-chamber mid-tower design that’s going to compete with the popular Lian Li 011D and Hyte Y60 designs, of course, the likes of Corsair, Thermaltake, Kolink, ASUS and many others have similar wide cases of their own too. With room for huge graphics cards, CPU coolers, and plenty of fans, keeping the latest and greatest hardware comfortable should not be a problem. Furthermore, showing it off is easier than ever too, as the dual window design offers a rather unique uninterrupted view of the case interior.

There are two different variants suited for the type of build you’re looking for. The first is the H9 Flow which has a more airflow-focused design on the front panel. Then there’s the H9 Elite, which has a glass front, shifting your cooling focus to the bottom and side fan/radiator mounts. Which one is right for you? Well, that’s really subjective, but we have the rather gorgeous Flow in for review today, so let’s dive in for a close look at what it has to offer.


  • Unique uninterrupted glass panel for a clear view of the interior
  • Intuitive cable management and dual chamber design
  • Ample room for cooling and storage
  • Room for up to ten 120mm fans, up to three 360mm Radiators
  • Direct airflow to the GPU for handling high-powered components
  • Fully perforated mesh back panel for intake of fresh air into the chassis
  • Supports vertical GPU mount with optional Vertical GPU Mounting Kit with PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable (MSRP: $89.99)

Features exclusive to the H9 Flow

  • Perforated mesh top panel that gives a greater focus on cooling performance
  • Includes four 120mm F Series Quiet Airflow fans
  • Fans pre-installed along the right side as intake fans for the best CPU and GPU performance out of the box 

Features exclusive to the H9 Elite

  • Tempered glass top panel and transparent top fan/radiator brackets
  • Includes three 120mm F Series RGB Duo fans and one 120mm F Series Quiet Airflow fan
  • Fans pre-installed along the right side as intake fans for the best CPU and GPU performance out of the box
  • RGB & Fan Controller v2 with three fan channels and six lighting channels with control via NZXT CAM.

What NZXT Had to Say

H9 Flow

“The H9 Flow is for builders who want optimized thermal performance. With superior airflow, it is the perfect case for people who want to build a system with the highest end components that have greater cooling requirements. Allowing them to push their system to the max while having enough thermal headroom to overclock or do other intensive tasks.”

H9 Elite

“The H9 Elite is an elegant way to accommodate builders who want a tempered glass enclosure to show off their RGB builds whether they are wanting to share their setup to social media or their stream. With tempered glass on three sides and a see-through top radiator/fan, it is a perfect case to show off premium components while keeping thermals into consideration.”

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