NZXT Phantom Full Tower Chassis Review

/ 6 years ago


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NZXT has been a name that’s popped up a lot lately at eTeknix, in terms of cases and other product ranges. When it comes to cases, we have seen some of their more elegant designs pass through our offices, whereas today sees us look at bit more at an enthusiast focussed area. We could only be talking about one case, and that’s the NZXT Phantom.

The Phantom has caused quite a stir in the tech community due to its futuristic design and unique features, and we thought that it would only be fitting if we took a look at it in some more detail, especially as I’m normally more of a fan towards the elegant, simple styling but I will see if this case can change my views and whilst it may have been out a while, it is still able to dominate a market that others have tried and failed to conquer along the way.



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6 Responses to “NZXT Phantom Full Tower Chassis Review”
  1. Grim_Reaper says:

    Finally. I was waiting so long for eteknix made a review of this case. Great review.

  2. gaetan says:

    Indeed, I like the style of this one, I just have one question, how is the white version? How easy would it be to get dirt on it (fingerprints mainly) ?

  3. aruffell says:

    It attracts dust like a magnet haha

  4. gaetan says:

    Aruffell;23496 wrote: It attracts dust like a magnet haha

    lolDoes it have dust filters too?

  5. JAF1080P says:

    Beautiful case, the outside reminds me of the combat gear in the Star Wars The Old Republic trailer .[video ][/video]

  6. SIGAMHSOUPW says:

    no usb3.0? pft!

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