Obama Considering Ending NSA Surveillance Program Says Democrat Senator Wyden

/ 5 years ago

Barack Obama

Russia Today reports that president Obama is considering ending NSA surveillance programs in an effort to stop political turmoil in the USA. The source of such rumours is Democrat Senator Ron Wyden who has been telling reporters that Obama is consdering the end for the NSA’s controversial programs like PRISM.

Senator Ron Wyden said that:

I have a feeling that the administration is getting concerned about the bulk phone records collection, and that they are thinking about whether to move administratively to stop it

The Whitehouse is yet comment on such reports but Wyden claims they are on the brink of making a u-turn. Senator Wyden has had a long history of lobbying for the containment of federal surveillance powers.

Earlier this year before the NSA leak fallout Wyden stated that:

“When the public finds out that these secret interpretations are so dramatically different than what the public law says, I think there’s going to be extraordinary anger in the country

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we wonder how much truth there is in what Wyden says. If the Obama administration is to do a u-turn on the whole issue then they would surely have to stop their relentless chase after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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3 Responses to “Obama Considering Ending NSA Surveillance Program Says Democrat Senator Wyden”
  1. Danny says:

    Obama won’t stop it, even if he says he will. He stated a few years back that they do not torture foreign nationals, what happened? they tortured foreign nationals and there was clear evidence they did it, so it’ll be the same with NSA and PRISM, it won’t stop.

  2. JonasTone says:

    Who would truly believe ANYTHING this or any other administration says, when the same people are behind this president as there has been for the last few now, the same people profiting from the continued war. The whole administration needs to go for anything to be resolved, but if an armed uprising happens in the US the government will kill every single person before they relinquish any power they have, and all the people who revolt will be called anti american or terrorists or whatever new word they concoct to describe them, yet the same government give funding and weapons to people doing the exact same thing in other countries around the world because it meets their agenda. Call me whatever you like, but rest assured the fecal matter will hit the fan and when it does there are going to be a lot of people caught out and not just in the US but around the world, because when it does happen the biggest economic prop on this planet will collapse. Whether it be in months or years, it will come to breaking point, there is only so much even the most indoctrinated people can take before the obvious subversion of law and constitution becomes too much for people to take.

  3. Sean Patrick DeMarco says:

    They will just replace it with something else that we will not know the name to. MS and other companies are probably tired of having their names and brands dragged through the mud for complying and by saying the NSA is gone well maybe it will make unintelligent people think everything is ok after that. No more snooping. Yeah right. LOL

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