OCUK Mega-Mega Mat 3XL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface Review

/ 5 years ago

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Overclockers are one of the biggest re-sellers in the UK, but not content with just being a big name, they need BIG products. Something they seem to be addressing with the colossal 3XL Elite gaming surface. All other mouse mats are simply, smaller.

When it comes to gaming its important to have the right kind of surface for your mouse, not only in terms of how much performance you can get from your peripheral, as it is equally important that it feels right for you personally. Some people prefer the softer and thicker surface, where as I personally prefer the glide happy surface of a tough cloth surface. The point of this being there is no surface that is better or worse than the other, its all just personal taste.


The 3XL falls somewhere between the two, offering a soft surface that should double as a good wrist rest but still have a durable surface that should provide ample glide and durability. So lets move on and see what Overclockers UK have to offer us with the 3XL

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