Oculus Acquire RakNet, Immediately Make It Open Source

/ 3 years ago


Oculus VR have just announced that they’ve acquired RakNet, one of the leading networking middleware systems in the games industry. Not only have Oculus snapped up one of the most important middleware companies in gaming, but they’ve now also open sourced the software the company creates under a modified BSD license on the Oculus GitHub.

RakNet offers a game networking engine that offers support for cross-platform gaming, multiple network types and more and it’s already been licensed by thousands of indie devs, as well as bigger companies like Unity, Havok, Mojan, Maxis, Sony Online and more.

“RakNet is a cross-platform C++ and C# game networking engine. It is designed to be a high performance, easy to integrate, and complete solution for games and other applications.” – reads the official website

Oculus have been working with RakNet for a while now, but the recent acquisition will no doubt benefit the wider Oculus development community by giving them access to the software, allowing more devs to get their games better connected.

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Thank you Oculus for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Oculus.

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