Oculus and Microsoft Worked Closely Together

/ 3 years ago


Users requested enough room inside the Oculus to wear normal glasses, and they got it. Another thing they often heard in feedback from their users was that they were using a controller to play while using the VR headset.

To make sure this worked the best way possible, they chose a partner and that partner is Microsoft. Not only will you be able to connect a Wireless Xbox One controller to the oculus, you’ll also get one included when you buy the headset.


It is also fully DirectX 12 compatible, ready for Windows 10 that will be released very shortly. That’s even more good news, but we kinda already expected that. Not supporting it could have meant a fail.

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There are several game developers that are in deep with Oculus, making their games the perfect companion for a virtual experience. One of them is Eve Online whos goal is to create virtual worlds more meaningful than real life. A bold statement, but one that is close to being possible with the VR.




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