Oculus Rift Begins Creeping to Kickstarter Funders

/ 5 years ago

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift, dubbed the next 3D virtual reality sensation, has been making its way into Kickstarter backers’ mailboxes. The device kits reportedly began to ship on March 29th, with many of the over 10,000 pre-orders having already received the unit.

Neil Schneider (President and CEO of MTBS3D.com, & Manager of Immersive Technology Services, FBIT, UOIT) a lucky pre-order recipient has stated that the screens are slightly larger than the one we experienced at CES 2013, but it shares the same 1280×800 resolution. As previously reported as well, the Rift-compatible Doom 3 has not shipped with the kit, a Steam code for it did though, so you may get it once the compatibility is patched in. That’s unfortunate for backers expecting to play it on day one, but John Carmack (creator of Doom) has stated the game needed more time.

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It’ll also be awhile before games with plug-n-play compatibility will be wide-spread. For the moment, developers and enthusiasts can play around with the ‘World Demo’ (a sandbox environment that simulates a small villa in Tuscany). In addition, Neil reports that enthusiasts are having some luck with the open-source Perception 3D drivers, and that some MTBS3D members have been working on the open-source version of Doom 3 in order to try and modify it for the Rift. On another note, a kickstarter project has been recently launched for the development of a game called Six Elements that specifically targets Oculus’ VR headset.

So that’s all for now, if you have received a dev kit, let us know how it is in the comments.

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