Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales Pass 100,000 Devices

/ 3 years ago


Oculus VR are going from strength to strength recently, not only have they sold 60,000 of their DK1 (Dev Kit 1) hardware, but they’ve also sold 40,000 pre-orders for their DK2 which is due for release later this month. Hitting that 100,000 benchmark is pretty impressive for a bit of technology that isn’t even available for retail release yet. The DK2 and DK1 hardware is designed for developers to get to grips with the concept and have their games ready for the Consumer Rift hardware, something the company hopes to have release by the end of next year.

I highly doubt that 100,000 developers are now in possession of the rift, as I already have a fair few friends who simply wanted to get in there early, despite the unfinished nature of the hardware . At $350 each (more like $460 if you’re ordering one to the UK like I did, ouch) before shipping and taxes it’s hardly expensive. For something that doesn’t feature audio, is still pretty bulky and that doesn’t have many games that natively support it without modification, it’s still proving massively popular.

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Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus make have ruffled a few feathers in the technology industry, but it does look like Oculus VR are still on the right track for success, let’s hope they can keep pushing this hardware to the limit to make Consumer Rift as awesome as we all dream it will be.

Thank you VentureBeat for providing us with this information.

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