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Oculus Rift DK2 VR Covers Review


While I love reviewing all the latest and greatest hardware, such as the Oculus Rift DK2, every now and then I like to stop and appreciate the smaller accessories that can improve my day-to-day desktop usage. The Oculus Rift is a fantastic bit of kit, but it does suffer from one seriously profound problem; it gets really dirty after a few hours of use!

When you strap on the Oculus Rift you have a thick foam padding pressed up against your face, this means that skin flakes, hairs and general dirt and sweat get worked into the material and to make matters worse, you can’t take the material off and clean it. Think about the exhibitions and gaming events where many people try on the headset all day, by the end of the day you’re pressing hundreds of people’s sweat into your face… no thank you!

VR Covers does exactly what they sound like, they provide you with a cover that will help keep your Oculus Rift nice and clean, but it has a few extra perks to it too. The covers are removable, washable and also aim to improve the overall comfort levels of wearing the headset. It may not sound like the coolest thing ever, but this is a big win for those who have, or plan to invest in a VR headset.
VR covers come in a neat little protective bag which has a velcro strap around the neck to keep them tucked away neat and tidy; perfect for traveling.

In the bag you’ll find three sets of VR Covers, which are all the same, it’s just handy to have a few spares when the others gets dirty.

They’re fairly simple things, a sort of banana shape when folded out. They’re made from two layers of 100% cotton that is nicely stitched together.

There is a small VR Cover logo stitched onto one side.

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