Oculus VR Acquires Xbox Controller & Kinect Design Team

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Oculus VR are working hard to push their Oculus Rift into the consumer market and while the technology is still only in Dev Kit 2 (DK2) form, it’s quickly becoming clear that the company are working to get the final pieces put together. News broke yesterday that Oculus VR have been on a little shopping spree, picking up Carbon Design Group, the same company that helped Microsoft in the creation of the Xbox 360 gamepad and its first Kinect camera.

“The team will officially become a key component of the product engineering group at Oculus,” Said Oculus VR in a recent announcement.

Nothing is said to change at Carbon despite the acquisition, with Oculus stating that they’ve actually been working with Carbon for over a year now. This does however cement their relationship and should mean that they can focus more on the development of the Consumer Rift headset.

“Carbon approaches products with a design-driven methodology rooted in quality engineering, ergonomics, deep user insights, and rapid iteration,” Oculus said in a statement. “All of this adds up to an incredible skill set to deliver ground-breaking new virtual reality products.”

This new deal should be one of the final pieces that Oculus VR need to get their tech ready for the consumer market and if it can also help them develop it to become as sleek and sexy as the original concept renders, then I’m happy.

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