OCZ announces SQL Server 2012 optimisations for its Z-Drive R4 SSDs

/ 5 years ago

OCZ is making strides in the enterprise market with its PCI express based solid state drives. All Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSDs ,when used in combination with OCZ’s VXL flash virtualization software, now accelerate Microsoft’s cloud computing ready SQL server 2012 software.

In addition to intelligently distributing flash resources to optimise performance, OCZ’s Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSDs actively support dynamic SQL Server 2012 Virtual Machine migration to compensate for fault tolerances and flash failures. Data access is no longer a limiting factor for OCZ enterprise customers since VXL software can run up to 10 times the number of Virtual Machines  and can keep up with the random IO requirements of all the Virtual Machiness in the system.

To learn more about OCZ and their Microsoft SQL server 2012 optimisations you can read the whitepaper here.

Source: OCZ PR


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