OCZ Denies Vertex 5 Release Rumours

/ 5 years ago


Unfortunately we have some sad news for you. We brought you the news yesterday that OCZ were reportedly working on a new SSD, the Vertex 5. However, it turns out that this rumour is mainly incorrect. Initial reports, from the source of the rumour – Nordic Hardware, suggested that we would see a new Vertex 5 SSD from late May that would be based on the Barefoot 3 controller. A lot of people seemed to take to the story quite quickly and positively, suggesting the great enthusiasm in OCZ products of late. However, OCZ have confirmed with The SSD Review that no Vertex 5 series SSD of any kind will be available in Q2 of 2013, ruling out any possible release up to the end of June. This also means no Computex 2013 unveiling of an OCZ Vertex 5 SSD drive.

This isn’t to say that OCZ aren’t working on a Vertex 5 series SSD, because they most likely are, it is just to say that it isn’t near ready enough for these rumours to be true. OCZ did confirm that they are working on a 20nm flash Barefoot 3 controller SSD, but this is most likely to be an updated Vector series SSD not a Vertex 5. As far as the PCB shown in the original rumour goes (which we have put below for convenience) this is apparently just a Vector series SSD PCB with the branding on the controller removed.

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Now we’ve had all this activity around OCZ SSDs, we are all probably wondering what is the deal with the Vertex 5? Will we see one by the end of the year? Will it use a Barefoot 3 controller or a Sandforce controller? Who knows. What are your thoughts on this story?



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2 Responses to “OCZ Denies Vertex 5 Release Rumours”
  1. Paul says:

    I’m happy with my Samsung 840 Pro at the moment.

  2. hmm interesting at least they have not denied working on it.

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