OCZ’s stocks hits 20% up in NASDAQ as soon as Vector Series SSD was officially launched

/ 5 years ago

If you’ve thought what was OCZ thinking of releasing another SSD with their Barefoot controller, you were probably the last person expecting this.


OCZ’s risks of having an in-house RnD to work on Barefoot 3 Controller seem to have paid off as its share value shot up as high as 20% on- currently at 16.67% high as on  Nov 27, 7:36PM EST- the same day when the all new Vector SSDs were announced.

It seems that the official announcement of Vector SSD Drive and the announcement of their new controller turned out to be auspicious for them-  has paid off very well. Many sources have also published the review of the Vector Series SSD which may have been the reason of contributing to those numbers.

Speaking of performance,

Toms’ Hardware concluded their review of the Vector Series drive with the title “OCZ’s Barefoot 3 Paves The Way For Great Performance”- even stating the performance pars with Samsung’s 840 Pro:

Fortunately, the Barefoot 3 controller serves up enough performance to put the Vector on par with the 840 Pro. In the real world, it’s almost a certainty that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them (or a number of the nearly-as-fast but tangibly less expensive models featured each month in Best SSDs For The Money). More interesting than its tested performance is the speed at which the Vector is able to recover from taxing workloads.

Tweaktown gave it a 93% and an Editor’s choice award for Vector Series SSD

So, how does it compare to everything else? Vector is faster than the previous generation drives based on the SF-2281 and Marvell controllers. It’s also a little faster than next-gen products that are shipping now with LAMD controllers and Samsung’s new 840. Vector even outperformed the TweakTown Chris Ramseyer 128GB SLC SSD when writing data to the drive in DiskBench. Through process of elimination that makes it one of the highest performing SSDs available on the market today. Good times rolling in for OCZ, especially with the new Barefoot 3 Controller. Its a big risk considering that everything was a in-house RnD job, but it paid well for the company.

A good Impression was made on Guru3D as well:

However the one test that we think is by far the best test in our benchmark suite is PCMark Vantage 64-bit. This is a trace test and can emulate what you guys do on your PC but then multiplied with factor 100. The outcome of the results with the Vector are very impressive, it is in the top three of all SSDs tested to date — shocking but true as we review a lot of them.

The peak read performance is excellent to grand, the write performance opposed to say LSI SandForce 2281, LAMD and Marvel controllers is simply exceptional.

But yeah, where the Vector series are going to shine is it’s overall IO and razersharp write performance. Zoom in at both IOPS and Trace performance then you’ll notice that the SSD can manage near silly workloads without breaking a sweat. So that’s testimony towards the new Barefoot 3 controller. With a few more tweaks this can be the fastest SSD we have ever had our hands on.


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  1. Wayne says:

    Looking good. I’m pleased for OCZ. I hope they survive.

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