Oddworld Soulstorm Offers Plenty For the Completionists!

Oddworld Soulstorm

Being announced earlier this year, fans were delighted to hear that a brand new game in the Oddworld series was on the way. Acting as a direct sequel to the recently released ‘New & Tasty’ remaster, many are curious to see what new adventures await Abe as he tried his best to liberate the poor Mudokens from the Glukons.

In a report via PCGamesN, however, it seems that one of the games most loved traits is definitely making a return. If you’re one of those gamers who love the challenge of the 100% completion, then the developers have confirmed that you will have over 100 hours of content here to keep you happy!


In the original game, getting a 100% score was largely determined by ensuring that you successfully rescued every one of your comrades. A task far easier said than done as the game often placed various traps to deliberate cause you to make errors.

Speaking of the upcoming installment, the team behind the game has said:

“The perfect way to play this, no one dies. That’s possible. I’m pretty sure it’s possible… There might be, like, five guys you can’t help but kill, but we really want that to be the case – that they can all survive, and so hopefully we wind up in that space.

[At the completing of a level] we give you a full breakdown of your analytics. How did you do with your overall health. What’s your collectable status? How many secrets did you get? And then the different badges you got. If I platinum a level and get all the badges then that opens up some gifts. And that opens up another set of badges that can unlock. So there’s about 12 badges per level that can unlock. As an initial playthrough we’re seeing ten to 12 hours. But you can start to milk all the possibilities that are there.”

When Is It Out?

While the game has been announced, we have yet to get a confirmed release date. Best estimates suggest something will land in 2020. Albeit the team behind the game are a little reluctant to commit to that.

“We want to ship in 2020. We can’t say exactly, because it’s got to be great, and we’re playing with a lot of dynamic variables.”

With this only the 2nd game of 5 planned, however, the future is looking very bright for one of the best-loved franchises in the gaming world! We can’t wait to see what Abe gets up to this time!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Oddworld series? Which was your favourite game? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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