Official PlayStation Twitter Tweets Bang Bros’ Playroom Stream, Then Deletes It

/ 4 years ago


A strange turn of events happened yesterday on the Official PlayStation Twitter account, they posted a picture / screenshot of a Playroom video stream, although we would normally expect something subtle, the title of the room was “Bang Bros Xmas Party” and while there was no offensive content in the video that we know of, it’s a little unlike Sony to promote a porn company on one of their official media outlets.

The post was deleted almost immediately, but that didn’t stop eager readers snapping a few screenshots and Sony are no doubt pretty embarrassed about the issue that could have really been so much worse. The only reasons we can think of is that someone who had access to the account, given that there are likely a few people who post and operate on that particular account for Sony forgot that they were logged in to their work account, not a personal one. The other reason could be that they were hacked. Finally, they may have just wanted to share any old image of a stream and didn’t read the title before posting.

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Either way, it’s a fun giggle at their expense, but given the title of the channel there could have been so much more going on in that stream.

Thank you Dualshockers for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Dualshockers.

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