OneDrive Receives Big Update from Microsoft

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Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service has been lagging behind competitors in terms of upload functionality and file size limits for a while now. With the hotly contested cloud storage industry in tightly locked competition, Microsoft have finally upped their game – offering the ability to sync files that are larger than 2GB in size, as well as having a new file size limit of 10GB. Whilst that maximum file size won’t fit a massive video file, it’ll surely be adequate enough for most who are using the service.

On top of the update, Microsoft’s expanded the functionality of uploads – which now allows desktop clients to easily share files stored on OneDrive with other people through the use of a simple right click of a file. It’ll allow you to email the file, tweet or pass around a direct link to your upload. On top of this, the OneDrive Web interface has been given a fresh coat of paint – and now allows Chrome users the ability to upload entire folders directly into OneDrive. In the past, Chrome users would be forced to upload files individually to the service – not only creating major headaches for Chrome users, but also making the OneDrive service far inferior to the likes of major competitors such as DropBox. To check out the updates, visit Microsoft’s OneDrive site here.

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