Online News Consumption Tops Newspapers in UK, Ofcom Survey Says

/ 3 years ago

Of the 95 percent of adults in the UK that follow the news, 41 percent say they use the Internet or mobile apps, according to a research study published by Ofcom.  That tops newspaper readers by just one percent, though the gap should begin to open up further.

The 16-34 age group saw a whopping increase from 44 percent last year up to 60 percent in 2014, as the newspaper continues to struggle.


Television remains the biggest news source, with 75 percent of residents breaking out the remote control to watch news.  That number dropped from 78 percent in 2013, and is under pressure, with 16-24 year olds saying they don’t watch any television news.

Overall, BBC One is the most popular TV news source for adults in the UK.  Not surprisingly, the BBC website and app are most popular, capturing 59 percent of users.

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear online news is increasing in the UK – and throughout much of the western world – where so many citizens are connected to the Internet via PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices.

TV advertising is a major market for companies trying to get products in front of customers – but targeted online advertising gives them the ability to hone in on select demographics.  Advertisers also find it cheaper to launch marketing campaigns using the Internet, but with so many domestic and foreign news sources, can be difficult to successfully finish campaigns.

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