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Online Toilet Paper Calculator – Because People Are Idiots!

If the current Coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything about humans as a whole, it’s that some of us are really stupid! I mean, the fact that the initial response by many has been to buy up as much toilet roll as possible perhaps best highlights just how poorly some of us handle a crisis.

If you want to have a bit of fun, however, or are one of those ‘Dale Gribbles’ looking to triple check your doomsday inventory, then there’s a website that’ll at least tell you just how long your supply should last!

How Long Will You Toilet Paper Last?…

The website has been created (I hope) entirely in jest and perhaps best highlights just how absolutely ridiculous some people’s reaction to the Coronavirus has been. Perhaps more accurately though, with the option to set advanced filters (based on the person general usage) you will be told just how long your toilet roll should last.

Learning about your bathroom habits has never been so much fun!

Take Your Online Test!

I’m hoping that if you are one of the people who went home with enough toilet paper to build a fort, that you used this calculator. Why? Well, because if you did you’ve probably determined that you’ve got enough now to last you until Spring 2028.

For the majority of those sensible people among us, however, it’s a good bit of online fun to try out and share. You can check out the website via the link here! – Just don’t expect me to tell you what my answer was… I don’t want looters at my door!

What do you think? Are you going to take this online test? Would you be willing to tell us how long your supply will last? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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