Opera revenue surges

/ 5 years ago

Opera may be a small fish in the world of desktop browsers but when it comes to the mobile market Opera is actually punching well above its weight.

In its Q2 financial results, Opera Software reported revenues of $52.1 million, EUR42 million up 32 percent from the same period in 2011, 37 percent adjusted for currency fluctuations.

A fraction of that growth took place in the mobile market where revenue from its mobile users was up 168 percent, to $3.4 million. Revenue from mobile phone operators and OEMs was down 24% and 40% respectively but that hasn’t stopped Opera’s success in the mobile market.

Mobile Opera browsers are used by 200 million people at this point, the company reports. That’s a 47 percent rise in just six months, from the end of 2011. Mobile ad revenue is up 450 percent and is now the second biggest part of the total revenue – $13.5 million, behind only revenue from the desktop browser.

That revenue was up 22 percent, to $15.7 million, EUR12.7 million from the same period last year from the 55 million people that use the Opera browser. However, That number hasn’t changed from the end of 2011 so Opera are making more ad revenue per user.

But its clear from the figures that the fastest growing market for Opera is the mobile market, so it must push ahead with that if it wants to sustain growth.



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