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All Optional ASUS ROG Smartphone Accessories Totals to $1230

ASUS Mobile Gaming Rig

ASUS recently revealed the availability and pricing for their ROG Smartphone. The gaming device equipped with a 6-inch 90Hz AMOLED 2160 x 1080p display is already quite impressive by itself. However, ASUS bundles it with a plethora of accessories that truly make it a gaming powerhouse.  The phone by itself costs $900 for the 128GB version, and $1100 for the 512GB version. Adding all the accessories on top of that, totals to $2130 and $2330 respectively.

What are the Accessories Available for the ASUS ROG Smartphone?

There are four different docks available for the ROG smartphone. This includes the Professional dock, Mobile Desktop Dock, WiGig Display Dock, and TwinView Dock.

The Profesisonal Dock ($120 USD) is just like any normal compact notebook docking device. It has USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port for display output and a network port. Obviously, this is more for those who want to do some productivity work with their ROG smartphone.

The Mobile Desktop Dock ($230 USD) is functionality similar as it lets you build a complete desktop around the ROG Phone. It includes hooking up a 4K monitor, Gigabit Ethernet, and a stack of USB peripherals. Although it ads 5.1-channel speaker connectivity as well.

As for WiGig Display Dock ($330 USD), it lets gamers connect their smartphone wirelessly to a big-screen TV for a cinematic gaming experience. Essentially turning it into a games console like an Xbox or PlayStation. It has built in ultrafast 802.11ad 60GHz WiFi for smooth, latency-free gaming.

Meanwhile, the TwinView Dock ($400 USD) turns the device into a Nintendo DS-like dual-screen gaming handheld unit. It is pricey since it comes with a secondary 90Hz AMOLED display with the same resolution, minus the phone internals inside.

Additionally, ASUS also sells a $60 phone case and a $90 Gamevice controller for the ROG Smartphone

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