OpUkraine progressing well, for Anonymous anyway

/ 6 years ago

Anonymous’ OpUkraine has been progressing rather well of late. Their attempts at getting “vigilante” justice in the Ukraine has been increasing in frequency recently. A number of high profile Ukrainian sites have been faced with constant DDoS barrages initiated by Anonymous.

The list of targets includes the websites of the City of Kiev (kievcity.com.ua) – Ukraine’s capital –, the Ukrainian Soccer Portal (ukrainiansoccer.net), the Football Federation of Ukraine (ffu.org.ua), the Ministry of Agriculture (minagro.gov.ua), and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (mvs.gov.ua).

Currently, all the websites appear to be working normally, except for the one owned by the Ministry of Agriculture which has been shut down.

Many attacks are inspired by the distaste of the Ukrainian government killing thousands of stray animals in an attempt to “tidy up” its cities.

“Dear Government of the Ukraine, for the second time now you show the world your real cruel face. You violate the European Animal Welfare Act,”

“You have betrayed animal protection organizations. You have lied to the media. Your political system is nothing but corrupt. You violate animal rights. You violate human rights. Therefore you will be attacked by us.”

According to Anonymous, the campaign won’t stop until the Ukrainian government changes its ways. The slaughtering of animals isn’t the only justification for the attacks, the cooperation with the American government over the shutdown of Demonoid is also part of the reason.


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