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Orico NVMe M.2 Enclosure Round-Up Review

Orico PCM2-C3 – A Closer Look

Now that we’ve unpacked everything, let us take a closer look at the enclosures. We will once again start with the PCM2-C3. This enclosure isn’t much larger than an M.2 drive. That makes it highly portable and the aluminium should also make it quite sturdy.

The company logo is printed on the top, but otherwise, it’s clean.

The bottom side has the needed details such as certifications, model number, and power requirements printed.

Looking at the top end and we see the USB Type-C connector. This can be connected to either the included Type-C to Type-C cable or the included Type-C to Type-A. Which you pick depends on your host system.

The other end doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s here where we secure the 2 pieces of the enclosure with a screw. This is also the reason that there are more screws included with this one than with the transparent TCM2-C3 version.

Next to the screw hole, you’ll notice another small hole in the enclosure. This is for the status and activity LED which is blue.

When we slide the two pieces of the enclosure apart, we see the PCB inside which you’ll connect your M.2 drive with. There are 4 holes for the supported M.2 formats and the enclosure already has thermal pads on both sides of the PCB.

When we remove the PCB, we get a better look at it. On one side, we have the M.2 and Type-C connectors.

The bridge controller and other hardware parts are on the other side of the PCB. Generally, it is a very well crafted PCB, one that you easily can trust you SSD with.

Enough looking at this one, time to install a drive into it. I’ve opted for my MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro drive as that’s the one I used in my most recent reviews of similar type. It’s a great drive of which you can read the full review here:

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