Origin PC Unleash The Newly Updated Genesis with Corsair’s 900D

/ 5 years ago


Origin PC are well known for making some of the best high end pre-built systems on the planet. That said it hasn’t taken them long to respond to the latest high-end PC fashion, which is the new 900D from Corsair. Origin PC is now offering the Corsair 900D in their Genesis desktop PCs.

The Genesis PC boasts the ability to run four Nvidia GTX Titans in SLI, have a i7 3970X at 5.2GHz, an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, dual power supplies, 64GB of RAM, up to 9 hard drives and a whole bunch of other goodies. Obviously it goes without saying that these PCs will ruin most people’s wallets for a long time. There are much more affordable options based on cheaper cases, AMD FX processors or Intel Ivy Bridge processors but naturally these won’t bring you as much performance, prestige or virtual ego.

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As you can see from the images Origin PC are offering a custom built water cooling loops on all these Genesis systems to help keep the system running cool and silent which is especially important when they overclock components so much and when you are paying so much to get one of these systems.

If you didn’t like the red colour scheme then you’ll be pleased to know Origin PC also offer customisable paint jobs and water cooling set-ups. You get what you pay for I guess as the Origin PC Genesis starts at a huge $1430. What are your thoughts on the latest revision to the Genesis PC?


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2 Responses to “Origin PC Unleash The Newly Updated Genesis with Corsair’s 900D”
  1. MaxSteel says:

    “What are your thoughts on the latest revision to the Genesis PC?”.
    Honestly, when I’ve seen it, I went to source and my mind went blank for
    a while. I can’t figure how/where use all its power, sincerely. D:

  2. Jordan Buck says:

    That is one sexy ass PC

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