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Original Xbox Source Code Leaks Online

It may come as something of a surprise (based on the success of other emulation programs) but compatibility for games with Xbox emulators has proven to be more than a little difficult. As such, at the time of writing, there are only around 40 titles that run reasonably well when trying to emulate them on a PC.

In a report via TechPowerUp, however, things could be set to get quickly (and significantly) better as the source code for the original Xbox console has leaked online!

Xbox Source Code Leaks Online

With the source code (apparently) now available online, it should allow for emulators to fill in a lot of the missing gaps which, by proxy, should quickly result in far more games being supported in PC emulation. This does, incidentally, also open the doors for a lot of bootleg Xbox systems being created since the source code is effectively the DNA of the console.

The leaks, however, don’t end there! It has also been confirmed that the source code for Windows NT 3.5 has also appeared online and while not representing the first major Microsoft data reveal, it’s certainly one of the most notable for quite some time!

What Do We Think?

While Microsoft clearly will not be entirely happy about this leak online, at the same time, it’s hardly a major one in the grand scheme of things either. I mean, if you’re still using Windows NT 3.5, then you have bigger problems than this source code escaping online. And as for the Xbox…. Well, while Microsoft may have hypothetically released a ‘mini classic’ at some point in the future (a system many would happily enjoy), this leak might actually speed that rather quiet subject up!

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Mike Sanders

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