Oron Cyberlocker owner accused of cash laundering

/ 5 years ago

The Oron Cyberlocker website remains offline still as the legal battle between itself and Liberty Media continues. Oron was taken offline over an adult film dispute with Liberty Media which given an outcome when the judge ordered Oron to pay Liberty Media a $550,000 settlement fee. Oron want to appeal the judgement, requesting that the courts unfreeze Oron’s assets for a legal defence.

However, Liberty Media objected to Oron being allowed to do this stating that it still hadn’t disclosed its global accounts. Liberty Media didn’t just stop there, it laid new claims against Oron stating that had laundered significant amounts of money in Hong Kong and coverted at least $3 million of that into Gold Bullion. This of course raises two important points, why should they have assets unfrozen when they clearly have the money to pay Cyblerlocker, and two – should they be facing charges for something much more serious over money laundering?

“Oron desires to file a post-judgment motion or motions in this Court, and if necessary an appeal in the Ninth Circuit. Oron requests that the Court stay execution on its judgment until after Oron’s post-judgment motions can be decided and after Oron has the opportunity to ask the Ninth Circuit to stay execution on the judgment,” the file-hoster’s lawyers wrote.

In addition to the $550,000 settlement fee, another $200,000 is also required from Oron to cover legal expenses of the case.

“This is presumably why the funds are laundered in this manner,” he continued. “First the funds are collected through PayPal, then wired to Hong Kong, then converted to gold, and then they are stashed away, free from the eyes of judgment creditors and other authorities. In this case, Oron only wants to spend the money that it most easily stands to lose in this very case. Even if it were not sitting on nearly three million United States dollars in gold, Oron’s troubles would be self-inflicted.”

The Oron.com Cyberlocker service has been down for some time now and shows little sign of return.


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