Ouya bags $8.6 million from KickStarter

/ 5 years ago

Well it seemed to drag on for an age, but finally the Ouya KickStarter funding scheme has expired after 30 days. The initial target was to reach $950,000 for the project to become viable. However, that figure was easily surpassed in less than a day. The final total generated was a staggering $8,596,475 with 63,416 backers. Several major developers and content providers including OnLive, Square Enix, Vevo, Namco Bandai and others have also jumped on board the Ouya bandwagon.

Its expected that early backers of the Ouya project will get their Ouya system delivered by March 2013 whilst the general public should be able to buy in April or May 2013. Not bad considering the whole console is going to be designed from the ground up with all the new partnerships and deals in mind – i.e. optimisations will need to be made for OnLive (such as LAN/Wi-Fi optimisations for high speed internet) and for Vevo (introduction of high quality audio channelling).

Ouya just recently announced that their console will support up to 4 controllers, as well as the news that they will be working with XBMC (media player provider) and Tuneln (a free online radio station).

To check all the updates from the Ouya project be sure to check out the KickStarter page here.

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