OUYA Beaten In 3DMark By Most Modern Smartphones

/ 5 years ago


OUYA developer James Coote has been running 3DMark for Android on the latest version of the OUYA development kit and things aren’t looking that great for the mini-console when comparing it to current generation smartphones. The video showing OUYA running 3DMark can be seen below and essentially the results are pretty good considering the hardware specifications of OUYA.


OUYA ranks number 73 in the Futuremark database for the IceStorm benchmark. On the face of it that doesn’t sound very good but the OUYA console is the third best Nvidia powered device coming behind just two ASUS tablets. All the over devices that rank above it feature Qualcomm Snapdragon Adreno GPUs, PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPUs or ARM Mali T604 GPUs.

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The score of the OUYA console was 4077 3DMarks while we can see most modern high end smartphones easily beat this score doubling it or more in most cases; Samsung Galaxy S4 (9094 for Exynos version and 10790 for Qualcomm version), HTC One (10345), LG Nexus 4 (10198) and Sony Xperia Z (9163).

However, everything said the OUYA console costs $99 making it by far the cheapest option out of all the entries anywhere near and above the OUYA console in the Futuremark database.


What are your thoughts on the OUYA console’s performance? Will it be good enough to handle [proper] gaming?


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5 Responses to “OUYA Beaten In 3DMark By Most Modern Smartphones”
  1. ET3D says:

    That’s one of the biggest “no news” item I’ve seen in a while. Anyone who didn’t know that already is someone who doesn’t know anything about the Ouya or high end phones.

    Will it be good enough to handle “proper gaming”? Sure. There has been proper gaming on 8-bit consoles, on DOS based PC’s, on the PlayStation 2, on all manner of machines much weaker than the Ouya. The Tegra 3 is enough to push decently good looking games at 720p, as my Nexus 7 proves. Sure they don’t look as good games on more powerful machines, but Shadowgun, Wild Blood, Conduit, NFS Most Wanted, they aren’t bad looking games, and more retro and 2D games would have even less trouble on the graphics front.

    • You’re making technological elitist assumptions. “Obviously everyone knows the exact 3DMark score of OUYA and how that compares to Smartphones…..” Surprisingly, they don’t.

      • ET3D says:

        It may be true, but you’re making technological elitist articles. 🙂 3DMark comparisons are aimed straight at technological elitists. I imagine that people who care about this comparison fall under the category which identifies with my comment.

        • We do write technological elitist articles but we don’t make assumptions that people are going to know what we are talking about. We try and explain things as best as possible so if people want to know they can know, as opposed to if people want to know they can’t because we make assumptions that they should know.

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