Over $620,000 A Day Made From Candy Crush Saga!

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I hate this game, hate it, hate it, hate it… just thought I would clear that up, but I am somewhat a minority in that respect because Candy Crush Saga has a huge fan base that just can’t wait to brag about their level number in the simple to learn, difficult to master puzzler.

The games popularity is still on the rise and so too is the amount of money it draws in via microtransactions, that right, people actually buy things with those. According to AppData the series is raking in an average of $620,000 a day, although that figure is before staff are paid, tax etc, but it is still an impressive figure non the less.

Because the game uses a free to play format, anyone can enjoy it without spending so much as a penny, but should you want to boost up your playtime, add extra lives, level skips, or more then you’re going to have to buy them and that is where the developers are earning their $620,000 a day, lots and lots of tiny transactions.

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Of course this isn’t even the full picture, this is just active monthly Facebook user income figures, this doesn’t even factor in the massive mobile audience or any other platforms! Love or hate microtransactions, they’re certainly here to stay and it seems the same can also be said for Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga and Pet Rescue Saga, all of which are also proving popular and profitable for the developers at King.

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