Overclockers UK Announce Ultra High-End 8Pack Systems

/ 5 years ago


We told you that something special was coming from Overclockers UK just a few days ago and now they have finally unveiled it. The new 8Pack range of custom built ultra high end systems from Overclockers UK comes built, designed and created by the UK’s number one overclocker Ian Parry, otherwise known as 8Pack.


Overclockers UK will offer three different pre built systems. From top to bottom they are the HyperCube, SuperNova and Polaris. Each system is individually overclocked using cherry binned CPUs, benchmarked and finalised to give the highest level of performance. All systems feature themed coloured parts and custom water cooling loops. All 8Pack systems are delivered by a two-man courier team and then are home-installed. Each system comes with custom 8Pack branding, an “8Pack Welcome pack” and a 24 month warranty managed by 8Pack himself.


To top it all off each 8Pack system comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by 8Pack. These systems certainly aren’t cheap and you pay for quality, but of course you’d expect to so this is no surprise. You can check out more detailed specifications here. The 8Pack Hypercube costs £6599.99, the 8Pack Polaris costs £7699.99 and the 8Pack Supernova costs £9499.99.

Images courtesy of Overclockers UK

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16 Responses to “Overclockers UK Announce Ultra High-End 8Pack Systems”
  1. Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

    This is absurdly dumb and expensive, first of all I could build a computer for 1/2 the price of these, including also the tubing. £9500 for a PC is really an absurd price that surpassed well over what Alienware has.

    • Carebear says:

      There are 8 computers not just one though.

    • Matthew Humpherson says:

      You seem to be forgetting Alienware sell cheap crap for thousands of pounds, at least these have the high specs and build quality that the price commands.

      • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

        Still the price is absurd for anyone who is a hardcore gamer, which 9.5/10 times also knows how to pick computer parts and build his own PC. I have run some calculations and a computer with the exact same specs (non-OC of course, you can do that yourself for free) costs $5600. Now that is 3600 quid. There is still a jump worth 5900 quid that does not justify.

        • Matthew Humpherson says:

          I agree its definitely not good value for money compared to a self build but once you get into the realms of full system water cooling some people just aren’t willing to do that themselves. I for one would never buy something like this because half the fun of a PC is building it yourself and tinkering but I can see a niche market that this will fill nicely. One of my friends who is global elite in CS:GO has just purchased a prebuilt system from OCUK or be it not as high end as this but considering he was capable of building it himself it shows some people will pay over the odds for being lazy as well.

          • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

            Laziness is indeed a VERY costly luxury. TO be honest, water cooling is the most interesting part to build in a PC, since a few years when it became popular for high-end builds, it was a nuisance for me at start, but now it’s one of the best ways to cool an OC’d system and thus a necessity to learn and know to apply. I built countless air-cooled computers, but the water-cooled are well worth the effort in order to take more juice out of a high-end system.

          • Matthew Humpherson says:

            Indeed, I have wanted to try a proper water cooling set-up for a while now but I just cant afford it I priced up a decent loop for my gpu and cpu and it costs about £400 🙁

    • Zeed says:

      I think its a very good price for that sort of PC with that sort of support.
      How many CPUs would you buy to get one doing 4.9 at low volts ?? few if lucky NONE if not !!!
      I had 3 ivy bridge cpus and not single would do 4.9 on water no matter what. So i went back to my 5ghz sandy.
      Cherry picked parts are worth ALLOT

      • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

        They might be, but you won’t see a lot of people paying a 5900 quid difference just because parts are cherry-picked. And with an OC’d CPU, bothering about how much it consumes is really dumb. The norm is to buy 100-150W over the estimated consumption of all the parts just because of OCing.

        • Zeed says:

          its not about power consumption but how long chip will last. Lover volts longer life simple as.
          Who even cares about power consumption of gaming rig ?? We got two gaming PCs in our home both draining shit loads of power. AND ??

          • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

            You don’t get one thing: this and any other Overclockers PC is nowhere near cost-effective. Truly, who gives a fuck about the lifespan of a specific computer part if it’s OCd? If you worry about lifespan, you should not have picked OCing at all, for this is the first thing you have to agree with your own person, that this carries a risk and parts will not live as long. Besides that, it’s cheaper to update the parts in your computer than to buy a single on and not buy another for, let’s say, 10 years. Nothing changes that fact that even if the parts are cherry-picked, there is a gigantic price difference that is as big as 1.8 other computers that could be built with the similar specs, or just build a proper battlestation with 4x GTX Titans, a i7 Extreme (12 logical cores in total), 64GB of 2100Mhz RAM and 8TB of storage along with 1TB SSD all in a Raid 0.

          • Zeed says:

            Well i change my cpu/gpu and every year or 1.5 year since its OCd to its limit. Rather sell it off before it gives up and have fresh tech all the time. Then i am not loosing as much on resell. Try selling 3 year old cpu or gpu… Rather have it as spare for price you will get for them LOL
            Besides that afaik Xenons are locked and you can oc them at all. So 4.9 six core will be faster than 12 core 3.8ghz for gaming any time. And some any other programs to.
            Remember how 80% of software is very bad at multi threading… Games use 2-4 threads like atm….
            That was reason why i went from 4.5ghz Phenomx6 to 5ghz 4 core sandy… I NEED IPS not cores for 3D gaming.

          • Zeed says:

            And one more thing. 9500 pounds PC is targeted for people that have super cars not for focus 😀 People that have so much money they dont look at prices and just want best there is 🙂
            If You could afford 180k supercar would you be bothered about 10-20k for PC ?? I would not … Dreams sweet dreams 🙁

          • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

            10k-20k PC is a wee bit extreme, but yeah people who just wouldn’t feel fucked to do it themselves might pay for this much money, or be bitches and buy iMacs/Macbooks, seen that happen way too often. If I’d have the money for such a comp, I’d built a bloody battlestation that would be cheaper and much more powerful, all under $8000.

          • Zeed says:

            Thing is when You are playing BF3 64 man maps multi even [email protected] bottleneck any gpu setup….

            Bit shame to see that happening tbh. Cause how many people will be lucky enough to get golden chip that will do 4.9. Many that got one run it on stock. It must be like 0.01% of pc users.
            I myself would be happy to buy 3770k that does 5ghz but who would sell cpu like that 🙁 I had 3 and could not pass 4.6 stable on WC so QQ i

          • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

            Indeed it’s useless to have more than 4 physical cores, since no game uses more than these, better off to buy a lower-spec CPU and use the rest of the money for a better video card. I always did that and still do.

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