Overclockers UK Launches Vertagear Gaming Chairs

/ 2 years ago


Gaming chairs are extremely popular and provide a great way to enhance your desktop experience and comfort. The brand new Vertagear gaming chairs have just hit Overclockers UK and look like a very promising addition to the gaming chair market. The Vertagear range, which is inspired by car racing seats, offers three options; the SL2000, SL4000 and the SL5000 in their Racing Series S-Line.


“Vertagear’s main focus is on comfort and adjustability. Knowing gamers tend to ignore the importance of a chair when sitting in front of a computer and they lose the sense of time when playing their games this results in back pain and neck pain. One chair does not fit all, this is the reason why Vertagear designed chairs to accommodate different type of users.”


Adjustable armrests, seat height and backrests can make a world of difference to your gaming experience. They can help your posture, save you from some back pain and help  you stay comfortable during those marathon gaming sessions. Although, anyone who’s sat in a cheap chair will know that improper seating is not a great thing to have to live with.

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SL5000_Carbon Black_Main

“The desirable S-Line series is designed with the basis of ergonomics and adjustability as the main feature of the chair. All models have one thing in common and that is to give a wide range of adjustability and flexibility to gamers.


170 degree recline, Ergonomically designed armrests with padding, height adjustments, lumbar support and more are available on the range and you can find out more about these new chairs, as well as order one for yourself at Overclockers UK.


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One Response to “Overclockers UK Launches Vertagear Gaming Chairs”
  1. Allen says:

    I just purchased a DXRacer gaming chair that will be coming tomorrow! Hopefully these give them decent competition. 😛

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