Overclockers UK Titan Bayonet GTX 1080 Gaming PC Review

A Closer Look

The Phanteks Eclipse P400 chassis is a relatively new product and received a positive response from reviewers. Despite exhibiting good build quality and a tried-and-tested internal design as used on the Evolv range, I’m not keen on the finish. The chassis doesn’t evoke any kind of excitement and it looks incredibly dull. Furthermore, the uninspired colour isn’t attractive although this always depends on a person’s subjective viewpoint.

On a more positive note, the power supply cover is fantastic and hides any excess cabling. Essential airflow is provided through ventilation holes and the mounting area is large enough to store cables effectively. Speaking of cables, the front fan cable could be routed better and closer to the chassis’ front but it’s only visible once the side panel has been removed. Overclockers UK has done an exemplary job with the LED cabling which has a very flush fit and the strips are completely hidden behind the side panel window. The lighting tends to gleam outwards from the acrylic window’s edges and looks wonderful.

The system’s CPU cooler is engineered to cope with hefty thermal loads while being fairly compact. This is especially the case when you compare it to behemoths like the Noctua NH-D15. As a result, the cooler doesn’t dominate the entire build and you can still view the memory quite easily. On another note, the neutral styling is more appealing than the Noctua variants although many users will prefer liquid cooling for a cleaner look. Overclockers UK has balanced the colours rather well and the various shades of black from the CPU fan, GPU backplate, memory heatspreaders and motherboard combine to create a high level of synergy.

Even though the included power supply is of a very high quality, I really dislike the 24-pin connector which displays each wire and its full range of colours. Not only that, the visible wire length is long and there’s overlapping. Luckily enough, the tinted side panel doesn’t make the wiring as noticeable but it’s far from ideal. Of course, this isn’t Overclockers UK’s fault and simply a negative attribute of the power supply.

The graphics card’s power cabling is routed via a clean cable run and the remaining cables are tied down in a proficient way.

From an overhead perspective, it’s evidently clear how clean the cabling is which demonstrates a high level of technical knowledge.

In terms of cable management, Overclockers UK has done pretty well considering the power supply is based on a non-modular design. This complicates matters when trying to hide unneeded SATA, Molex and PCI-E power connectors. As you can see, the 24-pin power cable has been properly routed through the chassis’ rubber grommets and runs alongside other essential cables. Also, the 8-pin EPS travels directly to the motherboard via a logical arrangement and I didn’t detect any cables which prevented the side panel from shutting.

Upon closer inspection, this section looks cluttered but it’s just a byproduct of using a non-modular power supply. Thankfully, Overclockers UK tied down any excess connectors with zip-ties and ensured the hard drive cages received some airflow. This is a great move because it can be tempting to just hide many connectors in the hard drive cage.

Both the chassis’ internal velcro straps and zip-ties have been employed to prevent cables from coming dislodged over time.

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John Williamson

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