Overwatch League Tab Now Live–Team Skins Available for $5

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Overwatch League Tab Now Live–Team Skins Available for $5

The Overwatch League is off to a huge start at the beginning of the year. Blizzard has even partnered up with Twitch for a reported $90M contract to air the live eSports event exclusively. Now it is also part of the base game and has a dedicated tab in the game menu.

312 New Overwatch League Skins

The Overwatch League has a roster of 12 teams. Each have unique colors and representing a city. Players can now also show their support by rocking the team skin for their favourite character. In fact, Overwatch is giving users who log into the game one free team skin for the character of their choice until January 19.

Overwatch League Tab Now Live–Team Skins Available for $5

New Currency System for League Skins

It does not use the lootbox system for other unlocks in the game however. It uses its own set of currency instead. For $4.99 USD, players can get 100 League credits. Each skin also costs 100 League credits to purchase. With 26 characters in Overwatch and 12 teams, that equals to 312 new skins, totaling $1556.88 USD when purchased completely.

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Blizzard themselves will apparently not take a cut from the sale of these League skins. Instead 50% of it will go to operation costs and 50% will go to a shared player pool. The use of a shared pool ensures that no team gets more than others due to having more popular colors.

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