Complaints about 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina Display on the rise

/ 5 years ago

According to a report, many users who have purchased the 2013 version of the MacBook Pro are reporting a problem with the systems fans. This issue came to light recently, as many users have been complaining about it across the web via multiple Tech forums, especially on Apple’s own forums. The problem with the fans happen when it spins at maximum speed when there is no load or any requirement for additional cooling. This happens especially in certain loads that reflect our day-to-day activity, such as checking out the web with only few opened browser tabs.

Its also been reported that the notebooks doesn’t become warm when the cooling fan spins its full power. The fan will spin to full speed before going back to the normal states. The issue is most likely due to a bug in the MacBook Pro systems fan management software with the SanDisk’s new solid state drives. Apple ditched Samsung’s SSD alternate on the older Retina display MacBook Pro, but recently they’ve switched to SanDisk.

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Apple, Inc. didn’t make any official comment for a fix for the issue yet, although some end users were able to get their unit replaced because of this problem, but many users were not able to get this done because it was reported to them that there’s simply nothing wrong with this as the system is running normally. Although one would wait for a fix, Apple, Inc. should at the very least acknowledge this issue and reassure its users that its working on a software fix or if not possible, a replacement policy for users suffering due to this issue.

It was just last month where Apple introduced its newer lineup with faster processors and even units with lower price tags, the newer versions are about 3-to-5% faster compared to the slightly older versions, but they cost $200 less.

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