Ozone Gaming introduces the new Xenon gaming mouse

/ 5 years ago

Gaming mice can often be expensive for what you actually end up getting. You often pay a premium to have a mouse branded “Razer” or “Roccat” without actually getting anything extra over similarly priced competing products. And this is where company’s like Ozone come in. They set the standard for solid value gaming mice with their Radon series.

The new Xenon model comes with a quite gamer friendly design, that’s also available in three different colours: white, black and red. Add to that the fact Ozone have given the mouse ambidextrous support, something which many companies don’t do – especially at this price point.

The inclusion of an Avago laser sensor allows this mouse to track accurately with up to 3500 DPI.

The base of the Xenon has been equipped with “30% bigger than normal” teflon pads to allow for better sliding on a variety of surfaces. As with most gaming mice, Ozone gaming include their own software which allow the user to set macros, customize buttons and save up to 5 different profiles.

Impressively the Ozone Xenon is priced at just €29.90/ £25 / $40, meaning its only real equivalently priced competition is a couple of mice from Sharkoon (FireGlider and Drakonia) and the CM Storm Spawn.

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