Ozone Onda 3HX Gaming Headset Review

/ 6 years ago

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Competitive gaming is big business these days, it doesn’t matter if your a games developer, hardware / peripherals manufacturer, event organiser, or just the person at home playing the games, companies like Ozone are falling over them selves year on year to provide the best quality products for gamers at the best price vs performance for those who take their game seriously, Ozone Gaming Gear are no different with the launch their 3HX headset.

Not all of us gamers are able to blast out our favourite games through surround sounds, or even just turn the TV up to the volume we would like, so wearing headphones while gaming is a great solution to the problems of gaming late at night, not disturbing your neighbours or even just keeping your partner happy.  But it’s not just a noise issue, heaving a good headset on can put you right in the game, bringing much more depth and detail to a game world, making your enemies footsteps easier to detect and make your favourite games soundtrack come to life, but lets not forget the addition of a quality microphone can be great for team/party chat when gaming online.

Ozones gaming accessories are designed for gamers by gamers and when it comes to headsets there is a lot of tough competition already on the market for every price range you can imagine, so lets start by taking a look at the features and functions of the 3HX and see what what you get for your money.

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