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LaCie Mobile SSD 2TB Portable SSD Review

SSDs aren't just to be taken internally, externally they can be just as useful. Especially when you pick up a drive such as the LaCie Mobile SSD with 2TB capacity which I have in the office for a review todaySeagate Mobile ...

2 weeks ago

Nvidia is Reportedly Working on Two New Shield Systems

While the Nvidia Shield is an excellent system to own, it has been more than a little while since any 'update' was released for it. To clarify 'update', we're talking about hardware here. The system today is, after all, exactly ...

2 weeks ago

Sapphire Pulse AMD 5700 XT Images & Price Leaked by Retailer

With the release of the custom AIB partner AMD Radeon 5700 (and XT) graphics cards just around the corner, we have already seen a number of leaks regarding these GPUs. To date, these have mostly been limited to just images. An ...

2 weeks ago
AMD Will Livestream CEO Lisa Su's Computex 2019 Keynote

Lisa Su is NOT Leaving AMD!

So, it seems the rumour mill missed a gear this week. Rumours have been floating around that AMD would see Lisa Su move to a new role. This obviously prompted the question, who will be her replacement? Well, there's a lot to ...

2 weeks ago

Samsung Partners With AMD For 2021 Smartphone Releases

Samsung might (still) be gearing up for the release of their folding phone designs. As you might expect, however, they already have one eye on what their future releases may bet. It is, of course, hard to deny the increasing ...

2 weeks ago

Gamer Smashes PS4 in Protest Over Chinese ‘Zelda Rip-Off’

It's likely, if you've been paying attention to some of the gaming news and rumours, that you've heard of a game floating around that shares more than a little resemblance to Zelda Breath of the Wild. A game that is, for the point ...

2 weeks ago

E3 Security Breach Doxes Thousands of Gaming Journalists

E3 is, without a doubt, one of the biggest gaming events of the year where we often see various game developers reveal (or at least hint) to their next big release. It seems, however, that a major security faux pas with the ...

2 weeks ago
windows 10 mds

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Patch to Stop Update Issues

Despite it being well over 2 months now since the Windows 10 May update was released, there are still a significant amount of users who have yet to be prompted to install the latest version. That isn't, however, necessarily their ...

2 weeks ago
Nvidia 1030

Nvidia Urges GPU Driver Update As Security Flaws Get Patched

While we are all more than a little used to the regularity in which we are prompted to make graphics card driver updates, we are all sometimes guilty of getting a little lazy and, quite frankly, sometimes letting a couple of ...

2 weeks ago

XFX Reveal Their AMD RX 5700 XT THICC2 Graphics Card

With the upcoming release of the custom AIB AMD Radeon 5700 (XT) graphics cards, to date, we have already seen a number of leaks of designs from various manufacturers. It would, however, be entirely fair to say that XFX has given ...

2 weeks ago

Facebook Shuts Down ‘Raid Area 51’ Social Media Group

Unless you've had your head in a social media exclusion hole for the last month, you have probably heard about the Facebook group that was attempting to organise a mass raid on Area 51. Specifically, to try and see if they could ...

2 weeks ago
amd powercolor

PowerColor AMD RX 5700 XT Red Devil GPU Images Leak

Over the last week, we have started to see a number of image leaks and reveals surrounding the upcoming custom AIB partner AMD Radeon 5700 (and XT) graphics cards emerge. For example, we first saw images of the XFX appear online ...

2 weeks ago

Thermaltake S500 Steel TG Case Review

Ditch those plastics and go for raw steel. That seems to be the main goal for Thermaltake with their latest premium line case, the S500 Steel TG. Rather than go for lightweight aluminium, they've opted for thick steel panels for ...

2 weeks ago

Aerocool Tor Pro Giveaway Winner Announced

Tor Pro Giveaway WinnerWe recently ran a giveaway in collaboration with Aerocool to give one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on Aerocool's latest Tor Pro chassis. We had thousands of entries and today we are happy ...

2 weeks ago

ASUS Reveal Largest 4K UHD FreeSync 2 HDR Gaming Monitor

Today, ASUS ROG revealed their new STRIX XG438Q gaming monitor. Clocking in at a whopping 43-inch, it's a bit of a beast. It features a 4K UHD panel, with a fantastic 120Hz refresh rate. As well as HDR technology, and AMD Radeon ...

2 weeks ago

Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD Review

Seagate recently launched its new 16TB HDDs which include the Exos enterprise drives. Today I have just that drive in the office for a closer look and a series of tests.I keep being impressed by how much capacity Seagate ...

2 weeks ago

Hoverboard Channel Crossing Is Successfully Completed!

You may recall how last week the French designer of the hoverboard, Franky Zapata, announced his intentions to cross the English channel using his device as the sole means of conveyance. You may, additionally, recall how that ...

2 weeks ago

YouTube To Introduce 1080p Downloads For Offline Viewing

If you regularly watch videos on YouTube and like to build up a little cache in the event of having no internet access, then you might be one of the many people who choose to utilise the option on mobile platforms to download ...

2 weeks ago
mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat Film Scriptwriter Wants To Emulate Deadpool

Earlier this year it was confirmed that a brand new film based on the Mortal Kombat gaming franchise was in production. It was, admittedly, a completely unexpected announcement. Particularly given how the last instalment (the ...

2 weeks ago

Xbox One Faces Losing Sales War to Nintendo Switch

When the 8th-generation consoles were released, the main talking point was the 'console war' between the Xbox One and PS4. A little over 5 years on and it's pretty clear that Sony's PS4 has proven to be the winner. I mean, it has ...

2 weeks ago

The Witcher 3 Mod Adds Huge Destruction Magic!

Tired of the usual spells in The Witcher 3? I wasn't either, at least until I saw this mod. Basically, it takes the regular spells and signs and gives you much more amped up destruction spells instead. Why cast a simple fire spell ...

2 weeks ago

Epic Advises Xbox One Fortnite Players to Unplug Their Kinect

With the release of the latest season of Fortnite, the game is seeing (yet another) resurgence in popularity. It seems, however, that a number of players, specifically on the Xbox One, are having some significant problems in ...

2 weeks ago
intel xe mds

Intel XE Graphics Cards Will Start at Just $200

For many years now, the world of graphics cards has been dominated by two brands. Namely, Nvidia and AMD. With Intel official set to enter the market next year, however, there is a lot of curiosity surrounding what impact they ...

2 weeks ago
epic games

The Epic Games Store Quietly Pushes Back Planned Updates

Since it's release last November, while the Epic Games Store has received a lot of criticism (for reasons we're still struggling to determine) there is one thing that almost everyone can agree on. The platform needs something of ...

2 weeks ago

UK Telecoms Says Full-Fibre by 2025 is Possible but Difficult

Since becoming Prime Minister last week, one of the first things that Boris Johnson has said he's like to achieve (other than Brexit on the 31st of October) is full nationwide coverage (in the UK) of full-fibre internet. While a ...

2 weeks ago

ASUS AMD Radeon 5700 (XT) Graphics Cards Images Leak

With us being (in theory) just a couple of weeks away (maybe less) from the formal release of AIB partner AMD Radeon 5700 (XT) graphics cards, as is traditional in these circumstances, leaks have started to appear online giving us ...

2 weeks ago

Ghostbusters Game Remaster To Release This October

It has been 10 years since the last (proper) Ghostbusters game was released and, if you never played it, put simply it was massively better than you might have expected. Featuring the original cast members and a script reportedly ...

2 weeks ago
amd radeon graphics card 5700 MDS

PowerColor Confirms Custom AMD 5700 XT Prices

With August upon us, we should finally get to see some of the custom AIB releases for the AMD Radeon 5700 (and XT) graphics cards. With the reference models producing a solid display, it is hoped that the AIB partners will find a ...

2 weeks ago
Bungie Splits Up with Activision – Retains Full Rights to Destiny

Bungie Delays Destiny 2 DLC and ‘Free To Play’ Version

Destiny 2 has arguably always been something of a troubled game since its release a little under two years ago. While it was never outright bad, it did need a DLC release (Forsaken) to really help get things back on track. By that ...

2 weeks ago
windows 10 mds

Windows 10 (Finally) Nears 50% Market Share

Since it's release a little over 4 years ago, adoption figures for Windows 10 have not exactly been progressing as quickly as Microsoft would have liked. In fact, rather frustratingly (for them), people have been clinging onto ...

2 weeks ago

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