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Valve Closes ‘Upcoming Release’ Loophole on Steam

While many people at the moment are quite happily trying to find any flaw possible with the Epic Games Store (be they real or imagined) it still shouldn't be forgotten that Steam, despite being around for over 15 years now, still ...

2 weeks ago

Gigabyte Reveal 5700 XT Gaming OC Graphics Card

Another day, another custom AIB partner AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card appears online! - Admittedly, at this point, I daresay that many of you would simply like these to just be released. Specifically, so we can find out just ...

2 weeks ago

$2500 Gaming PC Timelapse Build – Red Avenger

If you had a budget of $2500 to build a system today, what would you go for? We've had a look and the obvious choices point to the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and 5700XT graphics card. So we took those parts and built a devilishly good ...

2 weeks ago

XIII Remake Has Been Delayed Until 2020

Earlier it was announced (rather surprisingly) that the 2003 cell-shaded classic XIII was getting a remaster. While practically no one was expecting this (or, if we're being honest, asking for it either) it represented yet another ...

2 weeks ago

Twitch Announces its Own Streaming Software

If there is a criticism to make about Twitch (and I'm sure there's more than one) its that for someone new to streaming, the software required to actually put on a show is a little complicated. Put simply, there is something of a ...

2 weeks ago

Microsoft Might Be Set To Launch A Handheld Gaming Device

It's pretty clear that in comparative terms, the Xbox One hasn't sold anywhere near as well as Microsoft might have hoped. While it is a long way from being a flop, recent figures, however, recently revealed that the Nintendo ...

2 weeks ago
gaming money mds

Gaming Represents Nearly 50% of UKs Entertainment Spending

Without a doubt, one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world at the moment is gaming. I mean, these days, the chances are that you probably spend far more on gaming than, for example, buying albums or going to the ...

2 weeks ago

Apple Accused Of ‘Locking’ Batteries To Their Latest iPhones

Apple has a rather long-standing reputation for being a pretty poor company when it comes to their iPhone batteries. It's not, incidentally, that the batteries are bad, but it was for example revealed in 2017 that they were ...

2 weeks ago

GEEEK A60 Mini-ITX Case & Riser Cable Review

Not all cases are created equally, and that's especially true of the GEEEK range. While most cases are stamped out of steel, these ones are mostly cut from plastic panels that mount onto aluminium rails. Furthermore, they come ...

2 weeks ago
Disney+ Streaming Service Heading to the Nintendo Switch

Updated Nintendo Switch Model Doubles Battery Lifespan

Since its launch a little over 2 years ago, the Nintendo Switch has proven to be hugely popular with consumers. So popular, in fact, that a recent sales survey found that it was likely set to beat the Xbox One in terms of sales ...

2 weeks ago

ASUS ROG Strix RX 5700 XT Review Kit Leaks

With the formal announcement and release of the custom AIB 5700 (and XT) graphics cards expected over the coming weeks, we have already seen a number of leaks surrounding what the various manufacturers might have in stall for us. ...

2 weeks ago

Death Stranding is Removed From Sony’s ‘Exclusive’ Website

Since its announcement, Death Stranding has been one of the most anticipated releases for the PS4 as we see what Hideo Kojima has to offer us in a post-Konami capacity. This does, however, highlight a key point. Since the game was ...

2 weeks ago
Australian Govt. Calls for "Comprehensive Review" of Loot Boxes

Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo – No Drop Rates? No Loot Boxes!

One of the most controversial inclusions in modern gaming has to be the economics of 'loot boxes'. Put simply, spending real-world money to purchase these virtual crates which give you no guarantee as to what you might receive. It ...

2 weeks ago

Nintendo World Championship Cart is Nearly ‘Traded In’

If you've ever worked at a store that deals almost exclusively in 2nd-hand games, you know that the vast majority of the time when people walk through the door with a bag full of games it is often not going to be a very exciting ...

2 weeks ago

Researchers find Another Major Security Flaw in Intel Processors

You may recall that in 2018 two major security flaws were identified within Intel processors. Namely, Meltdown and Spectre. It was an issue that took them a significantly long period of time to resolve. Towards the end of the ...

3 weeks ago

DuckTales Remastered Set to Disappear from Digital Downloads

There are very few games that tickle the nostalgia bones as much as the NES version of DuckTales. Being lucky enough to have actually played this game as a kid, it was pretty clear that like a handful of other games for the ...

3 weeks ago

Facebook Reinstates ‘Storm Area 51’ Group

A little over a month ago, a social media group that was effectively looking to organise a 'raid' on Area 51 (presumably to say hello to some aliens) started going viral and last week had as many as 2 million people committed to ...

3 weeks ago

MSI RX 5700 XT EVOKE Graphics Card Teaser Image Leaks

With the release of the custom AMD Radeon 5700 (and XT) graphics cards expected in the coming weeks, we have already seen a number of image leaks showing some of the various manufacturers planned releases. In terms of MSI, we have ...

3 weeks ago

Japanese Tech Company Reveals Robotic Tail Prosthetic

Now, if you heard that Japan had released a robotic tail I suspect that some of you may have instantly thought of a certain association with, shall we say, an enthusiasm shared between consenting adults wearing animal costumes. ...

3 weeks ago

MSI Sets New DDR4 Memory Overclocking World Record

It is perhaps quite surprising when you hear that DDR4 RAM has (more or less) been on the market now for 5 years. Given that length of time, you may have been forgiven for thinking that in terms of its potential (specifically in ...

3 weeks ago

Japanese Designers Reveal Passenger Drone Test Video

In terms of unconventional travel methods, it's certainly been a rather interesting few weeks. Particularly since we recently saw Franky Zapata successfully complete his channel crossing on his 100mph hoverboard. If there is a ...

3 weeks ago

LaCie Mobile SSD 2TB Portable SSD Review

SSDs aren't just to be taken internally, externally they can be just as useful. Especially when you pick up a drive such as the LaCie Mobile SSD with 2TB capacity which I have in the office for a review todaySeagate Mobile ...

3 weeks ago

Nvidia is Reportedly Working on Two New Shield Systems

While the Nvidia Shield is an excellent system to own, it has been more than a little while since any 'update' was released for it. To clarify 'update', we're talking about hardware here. The system today is, after all, exactly ...

3 weeks ago

Sapphire Pulse AMD 5700 XT Images & Price Leaked by Retailer

With the release of the custom AIB partner AMD Radeon 5700 (and XT) graphics cards just around the corner, we have already seen a number of leaks regarding these GPUs. To date, these have mostly been limited to just images. An ...

3 weeks ago
AMD Will Livestream CEO Lisa Su's Computex 2019 Keynote

Lisa Su is NOT Leaving AMD!

So, it seems the rumour mill missed a gear this week. Rumours have been floating around that AMD would see Lisa Su move to a new role. This obviously prompted the question, who will be her replacement? Well, there's a lot to ...

3 weeks ago

Samsung Partners With AMD For 2021 Smartphone Releases

Samsung might (still) be gearing up for the release of their folding phone designs. As you might expect, however, they already have one eye on what their future releases may bet. It is, of course, hard to deny the increasing ...

3 weeks ago

Gamer Smashes PS4 in Protest Over Chinese ‘Zelda Rip-Off’

It's likely, if you've been paying attention to some of the gaming news and rumours, that you've heard of a game floating around that shares more than a little resemblance to Zelda Breath of the Wild. A game that is, for the point ...

3 weeks ago

E3 Security Breach Doxes Thousands of Gaming Journalists

E3 is, without a doubt, one of the biggest gaming events of the year where we often see various game developers reveal (or at least hint) to their next big release. It seems, however, that a major security faux pas with the ...

3 weeks ago
windows 10 mds

Microsoft Launches Windows 10 Patch to Stop Update Issues

Despite it being well over 2 months now since the Windows 10 May update was released, there are still a significant amount of users who have yet to be prompted to install the latest version. That isn't, however, necessarily their ...

3 weeks ago
Nvidia 1030

Nvidia Urges GPU Driver Update As Security Flaws Get Patched

While we are all more than a little used to the regularity in which we are prompted to make graphics card driver updates, we are all sometimes guilty of getting a little lazy and, quite frankly, sometimes letting a couple of ...

3 weeks ago

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