Palit Announce First Passive NVIDIA GTX 750 & 750Ti GPUs

/ 4 years ago


Passive graphics cards are a dream for anyone wanting to build a home-theatre system that has a bit of grunt behind it for a bit of light recreational gaming, but most passive cards until this point have typically been on the entry to mid level end of the performance scale. Palit however are not contempt in this range and as a result have created what they claim to be the first passive entries for the GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti.

Running under the KalmX line, each passive card features a massive double width heatsink with a heatpipe running to either side of the fins, all squeezed into a dual slot form factor. Internally the cards performance ratings and specifications are not too far from those of any other 750 or Ti with the same clock speeds and 2GB VRAM on offer, along with HDMI and dual-DVI outputs.

For users with smaller and more compact chassis, compatibility will have to be checked with the heatsink protruding past the end of the expansion slot, but if the card performs as well as we hope, this could be a cracking solution for even a mainstream gamer.

Pricing and availability is unknown at this moment in time, but with stock specifications we can hope that there is not the much of a premium to be paid by going passive. Ultimately the benchmarks will do the talking and we’ll be sure to grab a sample to push to the limits ourselves in the near future.

Source: Tech Report

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