Palit Reveal GTX 780 Super JetStream Graphics Card

/ 5 years ago


While Palit’s GTX 780 JetStream has already been pictured and is expected to be coming to market soon, Guru3D have pictured a second JetStream GTX 780 from Palit using the “Super” branding which essentially means they’ve overclocked it and then overclocked it again just for good measure.

The Palit Super JetStream GTX 780 is physically identical to the “normal” JetStream variant and features the same second generation JetStream triple fan cooler. The main difference here is in terms of clock speeds which you can see below:

  • Nvidia GTX 780 – 863/900/6000 MHz – core/boost/memory
  • Palit GTX 780 JetStream – 902/954/6000 MHz – core/boost/memory
  • Palit GTX 780 Super JetStream – 980/1033/6200 MHz – core/boost/memory

With an extra 13.5% of core clock over the stock Nvidia GTX 780 the Palit Super Jet Stream is one of the highest clocked GTX 780 cards on the market.


These will of course be premium products and the gold theme on the packaging says it all really. Expect these graphics cards to be very expensive and limited in quantity. Availability will most likely be some time in the next month but no official information has been provided by Palit yet.

Images courtesy of Guru3D

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