Palit Reveals Hybrid-Cooled GeForce RTX 40 GameRock GPU

Palit is set to unveil its latest GeForce RTX 40 GameRock GPU with a hybrid cooling system at Computex. This marks a significant shift from the series’ traditional air-cooled design.

Cooling Design

The new GameRock RTX 40 features both air and water cooling. This hybrid approach ensures efficient thermal management. The GPU combines a substantial 3.5-slot to 4-slot design with triple fan cooling and an integrated water block. This setup allows the GPU to operate effectively, whether the liquid cooling loop is active or not.

Benefits for Gamers and Professionals

Hybrid cooling provides lower temperatures associated with water cooling while maintaining the reliability of air cooling. This design is ideal for enthusiasts and professionals who demand peak performance and minimal thermal throttling.

Announcement at Computex

Palit will officially reveal the GameRock RTX 40 at Computex. Although the official unveiling is scheduled for the event, expect early glimpses from journalists who often get a sneak peek before the expo begins.

The hybrid cooling system on the GameRock RTX 40 promises to enhance GPU performance and stability. This innovation is a welcome development for gamers and professionals looking for reliable and efficient cooling solutions.

Solomon Thompson

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